Batman Signal Logo Sticker

32 kr
SKU: WB-8-BAT002-JS1348
10 cm Batman Signal Logo Sticker

Introducing the "Call of Gotham" Batman Signal Sticker: your personal beacon of hope... and humor! Ever feel like your day needs a superhero intervention? Now, with a quick peel-and-stick, you can summon the essence of Batman anywhere - laptops, phones, even the back of your car. It's not just a sticker; it's a statement. A hilarious nod to those moments we all wish we could signal for a bit of extra muscle or just a dramatic entrance. Whether you're stuck in traffic or facing the dread of another Monday, this sticker says, "Fear not, for I have the Dark Knight on speed dial." Get ready to light up your world with a touch of Gotham's finest - because let's be honest, everything's cooler with a Batman Signal.

Batman Stickers, guaranteed to add a dash of vigilante flair to your life!

Ever wanted to signal Batman while stuck in a meeting? Slap a Bat-Signal sticker on your laptop!

Batman stickers to the rescue! These aren't just stickers; they're your ticket to turning mundane into super, ordinary into extraordinary. So why settle for bland when you can have Batman at your fingertips? Stick it to the ordinary, with Batman Stickers!



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